Growth as a service.

We deliver substantial growth and we use creativity to get there.

Our services include new business models, new products and services, new brand strategy, new sales strategy and activation and communication concepts.

Our business design

We sell results, not time.

We are in the resultancy business.

Most of the consultancies and/or agencies sell their time spent on a project in order to achieve a certain result. The CREATIVE RESULTANTS are committed to the result and not the time spent. Our delivery process is driven by efficiency and effectiveness and therefore agile and lean.

  • No-surprise/fixed budgets. 
  • Concreted and fast delivery. 
  • Effective and efficient processes. 

We don’t present, we deliver. Our products and services are designed to create growth for our clients. Yes, we sometimes use presentations to illustrate strategy, concept and/or execution, but our template is growth and not a file format. Learn more about our growth delivery products and services

New Business Models

We design and implement new revenue streams and business models.

  • YOU Need to create a new revenue stream for you business
  • WE Use Ideation and Design Thinking process in a team of 3-5 CREATIVE RESULTANTS
  • DELIVERY in 5-7 Days
  • RESULT New Business Model

New Products & Services

We co-create new products and services to drive growth for your business.

  • YOU Need a new product or service to drive growth
  • WE Use Ideation, Design Thinking and prototyping process
  • DELIVERY in 5-7 Days
  • RESULT New Products and Services

New Brand Strategy

We help you define and position your brand for the next level of growth.

  • YOU Need to (re-)define or challenge your brand positioning and strategy
  • WE Use world class brand strategy models 
  • DELIVERY in 3-5 Days
  • RESULT New brand strategy 

New Sales Strategy

We help you finding new customers and drive sales.

  • YOU Need to find new and successful ways to sell your products and/or services
  • WE Use Ideation and Design Thinking process 
  • DELIVERY in 3-5 Days
  • RESULT New Sales Strategy


We create communication concepts designed to move brands and drive sales.

  • YOU Need to find new customers for your products/services
  • WE Use sales funnel and storytelling architecture 
  • DELIVERY in 3-5 Days
  • RESULT New activation concepts 

Clients & References

Selection of brands and companies we worked for.

Audi, Aldi, BMW, Bofrost, Canon, Capri Sun, Dickies Europe, Escada, Europcar, Ferrero, General Mills, GM’55, City of Hamburg, Iglo, Kraft Foods, Kluth, Müller, Rausch, Reemtsma, Regal Springs Europe, Sixt, Stilwerk, Tele2, Teo Jakob, Tetra Pak, The James, Tom Tailor, UKE, Unilever, Warsteiner, WKGT, Wolford

And: The CREATIVE RESULTANTS are venture partners for a growing number of start ups. So, if you are starting your venture and looking for a strong partner, contact us right away!


How to market cars to SME owners and other executives?

Business challenge. Drive sales for a premium automotive brand in the highly competitive environment of SME’s. Furthermore, the company needed to support their local dealership by activating the hard to market in-stock-cars and transform these money burning assets into active profit drivers.

Insight and Strategy. Stop market just one car to one person. Start to offer one mobility solution that is as flexible as the life of the customer. 

Business Design. A flexible mobility fee which lets the customers choose to up or downsize his car within weeks, instead of years. The demand was handled by the dealer organisation, supported by an communication program and used the in-stock cars as assets.


  • Go-to-market within 4 weeks
  • Business +150% beyond expectations

Quote from our client: „We challenged the team in every field we could think of and they surprised us with basically three things: Deep knowledge of our market and our customers, the ability to transcript this knowledge into tangible insights and business ideas and – last but not least – a perfectly executed MarComs program which helped us to exceed the business case by more than 150%.“


How to turn a staff intense time-for-money business into a scalable product?

Business challenge. Unbind the staff-intense old business model from its boundaries and create a new scalable product. Drive sales and rentability and still stick to the core offerings as close as possible.

Insight and Strategy. Customers in this field of service don’t buy hours, they buy outcomes. Create a new customer-centred offering where the results of the service feels like a buyable product.

Business Design. A new product-like offering and a newly designed process that is 100% scalable. The new offering is based on researched and tested prototypes and was capable of expanding the companies offering in new geographical markets.


  • Go-to-market within 6 weeks
  • Sales increase of 90% within 3 months
  • Rentability up 120% within 5 months

Quote from our client. „Business transformation is a hard internal challenge for every company. The CREATIVE RESULTANTS teamed up with our board and some of our executives and delivered a great new positioning, new offering and new processes. On top of that, the HOW was driven by mutual respect and a lot of empathy on their side.“

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The CREATIVE RESULTANTS are entrepreneurs and experts in their field. The core team currently consists of ten digital, sales, marketing, business design and cutting edge creative experts with an individual track record of 15 plus years in the business. We are constantly looking for new members for our team. If you are passionate about your job, experienced in your field of expertise and curious by heart, we might have an offer for you. Please check our current partner search listings and drop us a line or give us a call. And by the way: We don’t care where you are located and we embrace diversity.

We are currently looking for:

  • Growth Hackers
  • Service Designers


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